Event Information


Event HQ will be in the nearby village of Sennen, Cornwall, about 1-mile from Land’s End (pictured above). 

All the riders will start together at 07:00 am.


Riders obtain proof of passage through a series of predetermined controls. Acceptable proof of passage requires independent evidence of time, date and control location. Acceptable forms include:

  • A timed signature of a controller designated by the organiser
  • A stamp, sticker or other distinct mark (inside the brevet card) provided by the event organiser and/or a controller
  • A printed receipt, with time, date and control location (usually from a cash register or ATM)
  • Other forms may be designated by the organiser, provided they are acceptable to AUK

Where a rider is unable to obtain proof of passage, an alternative form may be accepted at the organiser’s discretion.

The overnight controls will be at:

Somerset: 301 km

Greater Manchester: 584 km

Scottish Borders: 883 km

Moray: 1144 km

 ** All food & drink at the overnight controls is included in the entry fee (see below)! **


Simply fill two bags at the start (typically with clean clothes and equipment) and we’ll transport the bags to two of the selected overnight control points Partington (584 km) & Kirkburn (873 km). After you’ve passed through the control, we’ll collect the bag and transport it onto John o’ Groats so you can collect it after you arrive!



The nearest railway station to the start is about 10-miles away in Penzance, which is basically the end of the line! There are direct train services from London/Birmingham (for connections from the north). Although you can normally only book up to 3-months in advance.

The website is:



The nearest airport is Newquay, about 50-miles away. There are direct flights to Heathrow; Leeds/Bradford & Teesside.

The website for Newquay airport is: https://www.cornwallairportnewquay.com/

n.b. Land’s End airport only serves the Scilly Isles.

Expect to pay more taking your bike.



The nearest railway stations to John o’ Groats are:

Wick (about 17-miles south)
Thurso (about 20-miles west).

Scotrail has direct train services to Inverness where you can connect to the south (Edinburgh/London etc).


is the tool for this.

You could try some of the travel websites such as: expedia; lastminute.com etc for more info’ on flights etc.


The nearest airport to JoG is Wick John o’ Groats airport, about 17 miles to the south. BA has a direct flight to Edinburgh departing at 1:10 pm where you can connect to flights to other UK airports. Expect to pay extra if you fly home on the Friday. See website link below:

Wick John O’Groats Airport