Event Rules

The event is open to all cyclists, with the following provisos:

(i)  Non-members of AUK may be required to obtain temporary membership of AUK for the duration of the event.

(ii)  Minors may take part, providing they have the consent of their parent or legal guardian.

Any kind of bicycle may be ridden, with the following conditions:

(i)  The cycle is propelled solely by human effort.

(ii)  The responsibility for ensuring that a machine complies with the road traffic laws rests solely with the rider.

Tri-bars and bar extensions are permitted!

Riders should also note the following:

Entrants should also note the following terms and conditions written on the AUK entry form:

  • The route is open on public roads
  • The route is not waymarked or marshalled
  • The route and/or conditions may be arduous
  • You should prepare by studying the route
  • You are responsible for your own safety and conduct
  • The organiser provides no rescue service

Rider Conduct

Riders agree that they are on a private excursion and are responsible for their own safety and conduct.

Riders must follow the rules of the road and show consideration to other road users.

Riders who infringe AUK regulations, ignore event officials’ instructions, or behave in a manner likely to bring an event, an organiser, or AUK into disrepute may be excluded from the event and from future AUK events.

Participants may ride singly or in groups and may pace each other but may not be paced by any other cyclist or motor vehicle.

Organisers may provide support such as food and rest facilities at controls and route guidance. Riders remain responsible for their own welfare and may stop for food and rest at any place.

Riders must be self-sufficient. Personal support is only permitted at the discretion of the organiser, with the agreement of AUK. Where riders’ personal support is permitted, the rider and their helpers agree:

(i)    Personal support is only allowed at controls.

(ii)   Not to drive a motor vehicle on a section of route in use by riders, except within 1km of a control or in the case of an accident or emergency.

(iii)  The rider will be held responsible for the behaviour of their personal helpers.


All riders must have 3rd party liability insurance cover for the duration of the event.

(i)      All AUK members, including temporary members, who are normally resident in the UK, are provided with private 3rd party insurance while participating in the event.

(ii)     Non-UK residents must arrange suitable insurance cover.

(iii)    AUK has public liability and employer’s liability insurance for organiser’s (and their helpers) of events registered with AUK and for members acting in a voluntary capacity for AUK as directors, officials, committee members or delegates.

Cover commences when riders sign on at the assembly point for the event and ceases from the point when the event closes, or from the point the rider signs off on completing the ride or otherwise abandons or cuts short the ride. The policy is subject to a £500 excess payable by the rider incurring the liability. The policy covers legal liability for damages, legal costs and expenses in the event of negligence only and does not cover deliberate acts. Claims should be addressed in the first instance to the AUK secretary.

AUK insurance does not cover everyday cycling or riding to & from events. Members are encouraged to take out personal insurance to cover their general cycling activities.

To enter, please see the “enter” page.